Our mission at Advanced Innovative Partners is to improve the lives of patients by developing innovative and effective solutions for challenging medical conditions. We are committed to advancing the field of precision medicine through the development of diagnostics and theranostics for oncology, rare pediatric disease, infectious disease, and biomedical countermeasures.


Our vision is to transform the way that medicine is practiced, by providing innovative and effective solutions to some of the most pressing medical challenges of our time. We are committed to advancing science, improving patient outcomes, and making a difference in the lives of people around the world.


Advanced Innovative Partners has the ambition to become a recognized leader in the development of both diagnostic and therapeutic uses in areas of high
unmet medical needs.

At our biotech pharma company, we envision a future where precision medicine is the standard of care for all patients. We are committed to developing diagnostics and theranostics that empower healthcare providers to make informed
treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes.

We prioritize the following core values:

Innovation: We are dedicated to advancing the boundaries of science and technology, and we strive to develop innovative solutions that make a
difference in people's lives.

Scientific Excellence: We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of scientific rigor, and we pursue our work with a passion for excellence.

Collaboration: We recognize that complex medical challenges require a multidisciplinary approach, and we work collaboratively with partners and stakeholders to achieve our goals.

Integrity: We conduct our work with the utmost integrity and transparency, and we are committed to ethical business practices in all of our interactions.

Patient-Centered Approach: We put patients first, and our work is guided by a deep commitment to improving patient outcomes and quality of life.


AIP develops radiopharmaceuticals and other drugs which are
validated through in-vitro and pre-clinical testing


AIP performs Phase I, II and III clinical trials to obtain
regulatory approval of our innovative drugs

AIP’s lead technology platform is an integrin antagonist peptidomimetic, a small chain protein-like molecule (mimetic) that binds with high affinity to cancer cells. AIP is the exclusive licensee of the patent and has an growing intellectual property portfolio.



Rare Pediatric Diseases

Rare Pediatric Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Biomedical Countermeasures

Biomedical Countermeasures

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